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Complete Freelancer - Released July 2018!

  • Total Running Time: 2 hours of video and audio ... for listening on the go!
  • 5 Freelance Templates Included!
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Lifetime Access to Videos and AudioThe most complete freelancing course on the Web!

For me, freelancing means freedom: financial freedom, and personal freedom. Freelancers are free to choose WHEN they work, the TYPE of work they do, perhaps most important, WHO they work with. Yes, freelancers choose their clients.

Financial freedom comes down to the fact that as a freelancer, you will be able to control how much money you make. In fact, you can structure your freelance business to make much, much more money than you could possibly make working for someone.

This BRAND-NEW course (released July 16 2018) is based on my 20+ years as a entrepreneur, freelancer and developer. I’ve worked as a freelancer for years, and have hired freelancers for years. I’ve been on both sides of the deal .... that’s why this course is unique and so valuable. Welcome to your personal freedom!

Stefan Mischook - July 2018

Introduction to the course

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Table of Contents:

Total Running Time: 2 hours of video and audio ... for listening on the go!
Total File Size: Just 100 Megs for FAST download!

Course Files

Templates and freelance guide found on private cloud drive.

Complete Freelancer Course

2 hours of video and Audio + 5 templates and the freelancer guide.


  1. Introduction: An Overview of the Process.
  2. Chapter 1: How to get started.
  3. Chapter 2: Getting and Managing Clients.
  4. Chapter 3: Misc Topics and Q&A.

Some of the Key Topics Covered:

  • How to communicate with clients?
  • How to get your first clients?
  • Learn how to earn 4-5x more than you would, working for someone else.
  • How to be sure you get paid!
  • Do you charge by the project, or by the hour? What will clients want?
  • Managing extra requirements, how to charge for them?
  • When are you good enough to quit your job and start freelancing?
  • What are the character traits of a freelancer?

... And so much more.

Freelance Templates Included:

  1. Website Project Assessment Email Template
  2. Initial Client Proposal Template
  3. Contract Template
  4. Invoice Template
  5. Time tracker spreadsheet Template
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