Frequently Asked Questions

What format are the videos in?
The videos are in the universal h.264 MPEG format. So they will play in the free Quicktime player on Mac and Windows, the Windows media player, and on many flat panel tv's too.
What happens if I lose my videos a year from now?
No worries, just log back in and re-download them. :)
Do I have to log in to watch my videos?
Good news! The videos are 'download to own' ... that means you only need to download them once! This allows you to view them offline.
Still more questions?
You can email me directly at stefan@killersites.com

The course was clear and easy to understand. Thanks!

Benjamin Johnson

This has everything I was hoping for

Percy Appau

The php videos created by you on killersites.com are very helpful. The way it has been taught is remarkable.

Thanks again

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