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PHP is the most popular web scripting/programming language out there. PHP is one of the fundamental languages that every web designer should learn since so many common tasks are accomplished with PHP: processing forms, sending emails, creating shopping carts and much more.

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PHP Shopping Cart with PayPal, OOP & MVC

Build a PHP based shopping cart that integrates PayPal for payment processing using MVC and OOP Learn More

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Its a really detailed descriptive course worth the money

Maria Phillips

Thank you so much, I am actually doing a Home Learning course with Dreamweaver and Flash (Cost 1100.00) to get at the end of it "ADOBE" accreditation and if I am being perfectly honest the 99.00 I spent on your course was 1.More fun, 2. cost less and 3. more informative!!!!

Michael White


Uriode Orelien
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