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What format are the videos in?
The videos are in h.264 and .mov format. So they play with the free Quicktime player on Mac and Windows and on many flat panel tv's too.
Are the video modules broken up into separate files like the samples are?
Yes.The videos come in many pieces ... nearly 200 individual videos ranging from about 5 minutes to 10-12 minutes per video.
I am keen to purchase but don't want to find out it would take less time to get the DVD airmailed than download the videos digitally.
You will need high speed internet to download them - you have a lot of data there. There is about 6-7 gigs total! If you get the DVD's btw, you also can download them too, this way you will have something to watch while you wait for the DVD's.
Still more questions?
You can email me directly at

I often refer to your site as I find it one of the most useful sites for cutting the bull when it comes to web design.


"You made it so clear, concise and made it to a point that I believe anybody who wants to create a
website can do the same. My hats off appreciations to your well thought out instructions and the effort you have put into it."


I enjoyed the course
It was clear and well paced.
The examples were by and large good.
I have a later version of Wordpress and the template was quite a bit different.

Peter Coe
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