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New DVD Design for DVD Video Courses.


After years of the same old design for our DVD’s, I’ve finally decided that we needed a fresh new look. I felt inspired, so instead of getting our designer (Ben) to take care it … I broke out my old designers cap and did it myself!

Yes, it’s a minimal style but that’s what’s in today and besides, all that really matters is what is on the DISC.

Note: We haven’t shipped video courses on CD for years, since they don’t have nearly the capacity (as a DVD) to hold all the videos in a course.

All of our videos play on Windows, Mac and even many modern flat panel TVs.

Hope you like!

Stefan Mischook

USB Thumb Drives Now Optional for DVD Courses


Digital download is not for everyone, so we offer DVD copies of all our courses and course packages. A lot of people demand it!

USB Thumb Drives – now optional.

We’ve been slowly fading out the DVD’s for the last year and had some people complain about it. I was surprised, since USB thumb drives are cool and reusable.

But, that was the problem that I did not consider – people like DVDs because you can’t accidentally delete files on them.

… I should have known better, since I use DVDs to backup my precious data for the long term. Disk drives are great but they can crash and you’ve lost your data. With DVDs, you are good for 10-20yrs.

So now, DVDs are what we send … unless you ask for the USB thumb drives.


Stefan Mischook

New Course Package: Web Developer from Scratch



I want to announce that we just combined our two popular packages (Complete Web Designer and Complete Web Programmer) into one mega training package: Web Developer from Scratch.

This is by far our most comprehensive video package, with over 62hrs of video training that covers everything from basic web design, all the way to advanced PHP programming! This easily the best deal you can find out the Web if you are looking to build a career as a web designer or web developer/programmer.

This is just a tiny snippet of that you will learn:

  • HTML and CSS
  • HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Building a PHP shopping cart

… And so much more.

An Amazing Price!

The most amazing thing about this package is the price – you get $344 worth of training videos for $179.99! If you were even thinking about getting into a lucrative career as either a web designer or web programmer – NOW is time to start your training today.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Stefan Mischook

Form Validation with PHP and Javascript mini Video Course

video tutorial


Just wanted to announce the release of another mini video course on form validation with PHP and JavaScript.

Video Highlights:

  • If your goal is to learn how to properly validate HTML forms, this is the course for you!
  • Mini Courses are short project video courses that allow to expand your knowledge on a certain topic
  • Full source code is included
  • Running time: 1hr.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook

Videos Moving from DVD to USB


A little video store announcement:

We are now moving away from using DVD’s to mail out the video courses … using USB flash drives instead. So now, when you buy a video course ‘on DVD’, we will actually be mailing you a reusable USB thumb drive.


1. It’s easier.
2. It’s more flexible.
3. It’s better for the environment.

Until next time,

Stefan Mischook

New Beginners Web Design Course

video tutorial


I just wanted to announced that I released my new beginners web design course. The course targets total noobs when it comes to web design, you will learn:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic page layout with CSS

… and much more!

You can learn more about it, and check out the free sample videos here:

Beginners Web Design


Stefan Mischook

Mini Video Courses are on the Way!

new mini video courses


As some of you may know, buried deep in the KillerSites Video Library, are dozens of videos and mini courses that teach all kinds of cool things like:

  • Creating a Tag Cloud with PHP
  • Form Validation with PHP & JavaScript
  • Build a PHP Login with OOP and MVC
  • CSS List & Navigation

… And there are more.

These are all short courses running 1-2 hrs each, so up until now, we only included them in library and in some of our Complete packages.

Things change …. we just decided to release them on the KillerVideoStore because some people don’t want to subscribe or buy a complete package … and since they are mini courses, the prices will be mini too!

Expect a few courses to hit the store in the next few days.

Stefan Mischook

Video Tutorial Testimonials – Live!


After thinking about it for 2.32 years, I finally got around to adding testimonials and a rating system to the killer video store.

The testimonials and ratings can be made on a per course basis on the video download page after you log in (video log-in page).

Where are the comments displayed?

The comments/testimonials are displayed on each course page,’s home page and here:

Thousands of Testimonials Hidden!

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New Video Tutorials on the Way!

video tutorial


I just wanted to mention that we are currently working on a few new video course titles that might interest you:

  • Beginners Web Design – a new updated version!
  • Beginners WordPress – another new updated version.
  • WordPress Themes – man, yet another new updated version!

Ok, why all the updated versions? Well, we are always looking to improve things around here; better sound, better video quality and up to date content.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook

Simplifying the Store – simple is better than slick.


If you’ve come to the store in the recent past, you’ve probably noticed that our layout has changed a lot. We went from very basic to slick, and now we are back to simple – with a few additions.

Simple Sells & Slick Sucks

What we found with the ultra slick layout, was that it just confused people. It looked great, but the layout got in the way of making the site usable and I got constant messages from people try to find courses. The lesson in this, is to always lean towards simple layouts and leave the high-end design to concept sites.

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