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The Complete Freelancer course is available!

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I just released my  Complete Freelancer course, where you will quickly learn how start, and build a very profitable freelance business.

This BRAND-NEW course (released July 16 2018) is based on my 20+ years as a entrepreneur, freelancer and developer. I’ve worked as a freelancer for years, and have hired freelancers for years. I’ve been on both sides of the deal …. that’s why this course is unique and so valuable.

Course highlights:

  • Comes with 5 freelance templates, to jump start your freelance business!
  • Lessons are in both video and podcast/audio format … for people who want to learn on the go.
  • Includes an 8 page e-book that outlines the course in bullet points for easy reference.

Students are already telling me it is the most complete and to-the-point freelance training these ever seen!

Check it out: Complete Freelancer.



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