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Simplifying the Store – simple is better than slick.


If you’ve come to the store in the recent past, you’ve probably noticed that our layout has changed a lot. We went from very basic to slick, and now we are back to simple – with a few additions.

Simple Sells & Slick Sucks

What we found with the ultra slick layout, was that it just confused people. It looked great, but the layout got in the way of making the site usable and I got constant messages from people try to find courses. The lesson in this, is to always lean towards simple layouts and leave the high-end design to concept sites.

If you want pizazz, look to using a nice set of icons, nice photos or even great looking video, rather than distracting your site visitors with heavy design. For example, check out our new simplified thank-you page:

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Stefan Mischook

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