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Changes to the KillerSites Training Courses


I’ve been teaching web development for over tens years now, and things have changed a lot in that time. Besides web development itself, the WAY people want to learn has also changed.

The first thing that I’ve done to respond to these changes, is to provide a far more advanced subscription based training service: Those of you familiar with the old Killersites Library, will appreciate the upgrade you find on

The KillerVideoStore in the Future

Subscription based services is common these days, but there are still people who want to own the courses. For you, I will keep offering my courses right here on … and now in three formats you can choose from:

  1. Digital download
  2. DVD’s mailed to you
  3. On USB thumbdrive

Whichever format you choose, you will have LIFETIME DOWNLOAD ACCESS to the courses you buy. So if (for example,) you loose them a year from now, you will be free to come back and download them all again.


Stefan Mischook

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