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Downloading the Dreamweaver CS6 Trial


We have a huge Dreamweaver CS6 course (10 hrs of videos!) but these days, it can be hard to find a trial of Dreamweaver CS6. Adobe wants you to get into their cloud version of Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver CC.

In our Dreamweaver CS6 course, you learn much, much more than Dreamweaver … it’s really a beginners web design course. It’s also very designer centric … you build great looking websites in this course.

That said, it’s hard to learn without Dreamweaver CS6 … though the latest Dreamweaver CC is very similar, there are still differences that might trip up a beginner. So the solution is to download the trial of the new Dreamweaver CC and deal with the differences, or you could buy an older copy of Dreamweaver CS6 – be sure it’s legal!

Hidden Treasure!

But hidden deep in Adobe’s site, is a place to download a free trial of Dreamweaver CS6:

I just downloaded it today (April 17th 2015) … so you should be good.

Why bother? There just a lot of great stuff in the Dreamweaver CS6 course and some people rather just own Dreamweaver CS6 and not rent Dreamweaver CC. Then again, you don’t need Dreamweaver to build great sites.


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