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Top 3 Image Editors – alternatives to Photoshop


Photoshop is powerful, but it’s overkill for 99% of web developers/designer needs. It’s not expensive at $9.99/month for individuals, and $19.99/month for business use. But over a few years, this could add up!

The key point is that most web professionals need maybe 10% of Photoshop’s power – if that much. There are easier to learn, very capable cheaper alternatives. A few free ones too!

The short list:

  1. – Windows only. But free!
  2. The Gimp – Strange name but powerful and free! Runs on Mac and Windows.
  3. Xara Photo and Graphic Designer – Not free, but you can buy it for $89.99. I use this all the time. It’s bloody fast!

… And there are others. The point is, there is more to Photoshop in the image editing world.

Stefan Mischook

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